Warmer Weather for Business in Saskatchewan

Posted on June 6, 2017 in

Warmer Weather for Business in Saskatchewan
NSBA's Board Chair Bryan McCrea

A Message from the NSBA’s Board Chair
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The grass is green, flowers are in bloom, caterpillars are taking over the city, and construction is creating detours for everyone. That means it’s summer in Saskatoon! The month of May certainly concluded on a high note – or a low note – depending on your golf score at the NSBA annual Golf Classic tournament. Speaking of which, what a fantastic event. Thank you to the hard work of the committee and staff who put this together.

This was my first time attending the tournament. As a non-golfer, I learned a few things about this tournament: First, never trust the Al Anderson’s group. If you are not careful, you will be “iced” (ask Edge Family Law). Second, tallying the scorecards should be done by an engineer or an accountant. Thirdly, if you want to beat Whipper on his hole, bring tequila. Keith and I had the pleasure of networking with our wonderful membership throughout the day, and although we didn’t typically dive into controversial political issues, we did get some great feedback on what the NSBA is doing. It was also great to hear that there is some energy in our economy – perhaps not a total turnaround, but for many, the beginning of an upward trend.

The NSBA is undertaking an update to the organization’s strategic plan. Thanks to the facilitation of Brent Banda, the leadership of our Executive Director, and the input of the Board, we are ensuring our strategic direction of the organization is relevant and responsive to the growing demands from our membership.

One of my key priorities as Chair is to improve communication. A key initiative of this process is an updated web presence, fully integrated with social media platforms. I am excited to let you know that in the next 45-60 days the NSBA will have a renewed online presence – one that I hope you participate in.

I also want to give a special welcome back to Pamela Kenny, Director of Member Services. Pam is returning to the NSBA mid-month after welcoming a new daughter to her family. Pam is charged with re-energizing our membership engagement so you can expect to hear from her in the coming months. She will be making her way through our membership list in an attempt to ensure you know why we are here and what we’ve done for you lately. Pam will also be seeking feedback on what you want the organization to be focusing on.

June and July are going to be fun months. We will be hosting luncheons that inspire debate, we continue to lobby all levels of government on issues that affect your business (yes, including bike lanes), and we will be announcing the “star” of the 2017 Popcorn and Entrepreneurship Series. Stay tuned!



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