The NSBA – Popcorn and Politics

Posted on September 29, 2017 in

The NSBA – Popcorn and Politics

The tail-end of summer and beginning of autumn has been very exciting.

Let’s start with NSBA’s Popcorn & Entrepreneurship event. The 20-minute documentary on an amazing Saskatchewan success story, Murad Al-Katib and AGT Foods, blew us all away. I had never met Murad before, but I had heard his story and was aware of all his awards and accolades. Despite all of his success, Murad is so humble and thankful for the opportunity to do what he does. It was an honour to be able to feature his story. The entire event was electrifying; Popcorn & Entrepreneurship has become a high profile event featuring the “who’s who” of business – so much so, that even Premier Brad Wall won’t miss the event. Just wait for next year!

Next, let’s talk about how Saskatoon’s Business Association and our members put some serious boots on the ground on a hot issue that has blown up across the nation – and with good reason. The Liberal’s proposed tax changes not only affect business owners, but also the people we employ. We are all writing letters to our MPs, Minister Goodale, Minister Morneau, and Prime Minister Trudeau. In addition to these efforts, the NSBA took an unconventional approach (for business people), to raise the profile of the issue: over 250 of us took an hour out of our day to participate in a protest.

I had never been to a protest before this. But I imagine this was one of the best organized ones…We had pre-made picket signs, food trucks, garbage cans and hired security. It was fun to chant, “Trudeau, Morneau, Tax Changes, No Go!” in unison with other concerned business people. I was also intrigued with the mix of people who showed up – high profile entrepreneurs like Wally & Colleen Mah, David Dube, Jack Brodsky and a mix of farmers and construction workers in steel toe boots and jeans attended. The protest and the people that came was a great sample of the composition of our membership. It proves that the NSBA’s culture, spirit, and DNA are truly unique.

Lastly, I have to mention today’s exciting event – Lesson’s I’ve Learned. Tonight, we will hear the winding paths four entrepreneurs took to achieve their business success. Merlis Belsher, Jack Brodsky, and Marion and Barry Ghiglione are going to inspire us with their lessons learned. I hope to see you there.



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