The NSBA – From the North – to all of Saskatoon.

Posted on August 8, 2017 in

The NSBA – From the North – to all of Saskatoon.

Is anyone else having trouble believing it’s August? I hope you are reading this issue of Focus from the cabin, in the boat, around a campfire, or at the very least, from an air-conditioned office with a nice view of summer. Although June and July tend to be quieter months for events, there has been lots of activity I’d like to update you on.

In early June we announced the very exciting news that Murad Al-Katib and AGT Foods is the star of this year’s Popcorn & Entrepreneurship film. Murad has been making headlines this year: he was the first Canadian winner of the Oslo Business for Peace Award, an international prize selected by a group of Nobel laureates and also won the prestigious global EY Entrepreneur of the Year. How did this Turkish immigrant in Davidson give birth to an agricultural empire? Get your tickets to Popcorn & Entrepreneurship to find out!

As we always are, the board, committees and staff have been working quietly in the background lobbying on a number of key policy issues including

  • The City of Saskatoon on it’s evaluation of suburban office space policy
  • The Land Bank audit report

If you have insight on either of the above issues, please consider reaching out to Keith or myself.

As I mentioned my last Focus article, we ventured to update the organization’s strategic plan in Q2. This process has concluded and we now have an exceptional document to guide Keith and his team through the next few years of strategic growth.

A key document that was born out of the strategic plan was a formal communications strategy.  One of the most exciting strategic decisions we have made as part of this is to no longer publicly identify the organization as the North Saskatoon Business Association. The organization’s name is deeply rooted in our history – and this history is not to be forgotten; however, the organization has grown in to far more than a small business organization that solely represents businesses in the North part of Saskatoon. Because of a passionate, dedicated, and large membership, we have grown into Saskatoon’s Business Association. So going forward, all communication will stop referencing the spelled out acronym we commonly go by – we will be known as the NSBA – Saskatoon’s Business Association.



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