September 27, 2022 Message to the Membership

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September 27, 2022 Message to the Membership

Being that we’re almost a month into it, I guess I should be used to the pace that September brings with it. But nope, not this year anyway. I think it’s because after two-plus years of COVID, it seems like September is on steroids this year. 

By that I mean that the usual busy-ness that comes with the month of September seems to be on another level for one reason or another. Plus, after a much more relaxed schedule these past 30 months (THIRTY MONTHS!!) it’s hard to reacclimatize to this new reality.  

Indeed everyone and their dog is back putting on events, trying to make up for some lost ground that COVID infringed upon. And we’re no exception here at the NSBA. Well, the one exception might be is that we kept as many of our events going as possible during the pandemic.  

In doing so we, of course, followed protocol, and more often than not went over and above what the regulations required, but nonetheless, we kept at ‘er because we believed doing so was helpful to our collective mental well being. You’re welcome, we were happy to do so!  

So now that others have joined the fray – along with the return to regular school activities, both academically and extracurricular, It seems like the world has decided to get down to business – or at least busy-ness. 

Except this time around, so far anyway, it appears as though the masses aren’t as eager to follow suit. By that I mean it seems that people are more selective in what they choose to do. And let’s not rule out the fact that COVID still has a presence in our lives, and some are choosing to remain far more cautious about their day-to-day lives, as well as their professional obligations.  

We’ve had exceptions, such as our Popcorn and Entrepreneurship Series presented by EY, which sold out, but for the most part it seems attendance is still lagging from pre-COVID numbers. In speaking with other organizations and event planners, it seems pretty universal, across the board, or however you want to phrase it, that if you get to about 75 per cent of your pre-COVID attendance, you’re doing pretty good. 

I raise all of this to bring attention to our outstanding line up of programming that we have in front of us. Starting with this Thursday, September 29, when we will have Lyndon Linklater give a presentation in advance of Truth and Reconciliation Day (previously known as Orange Shirt Day), which occurs the day following.  

You may recall Lyndon from our Business Builder Awards banquet, where he brought a traditional blessing. His easy-going and oftentimes humourous approach is a true treasure, and if you’re not doing something special with your staff on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, perhaps you want to join us the day prior to hear Lyndon’s message. 

Then next Tuesday, October 4, we have one of our hallmark annual events – Lessons I’ve Learned, presented by KPMG. This year we have an exceptional line up (we always do, actually, that’s what makes it such a favourite for so many). This year Zeba Ahmad of the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation, Tamara Bowman of Metric Design, Tom Bissonnette, formerly of Parr Auto Body, and Collin Schaan of Shaan Healthcare are our four speakers. They’re bound to bring with them an ample amount of take aways for you to better yourself or your business. 

On October 12 we have Ken Seitz, the newly named permanent CEO for Nutrien, speaking at a luncheon address. His presentation will no doubt be informational for not only those who might be in the supply chain for Nutrien, but for all of us Saskatchewanians who are benefiting from the positive contributions the potash industry has on us all. 

The next week, on October 19, we have Councillors Troy Davies and Cynthia Block speaking to us at lunch about the proposed Downtown Event and Entertainment District and where the proposed project is at. If you have interest, questions or concerns, here’s your opportunity to address them. 

Then back by popular demand, on October 28 we have Sgt. Wade Bourassa of the Saskatoon Police Service’s Air Support Unit coming for a breakfast presentation. If you missed him last time, you absolutely must make it a priority to come this time. You’ll be blown away by the presentation, I can assure you. 

Rounding out the next six-week rotation is our annual Fireside Chat luncheon with Mayor Charlie Clark. This is our opportunity to get up close and personal with Mayor Clark, and it’s been a crowd favourite since we incorporated this format five years ago. 

Long story short, we’ve got plenty of great options for you to reacquaint yourself with the NSBA and other great members like you. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Until next time, be safe, be smart, be considerate, be well, but most of all, be kind. 

Keith Moen 

Executive Director 

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