NSBA Response to Canadian Chamber’s support of a carbon tax

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NSBA Response to Canadian Chamber’s support of a carbon tax

What business WANTS a carbon tax?


Saskatoon, SK –  In a recent news release, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce states: “Canadian business of all sizes are prepared to accept carbon pricing as a cost of doing business”. That is certainly not the experience of the NSBA, an outspoken and high-profile, membership-based business association in Saskatoon.

“The NSBA and our members fundamentally disagree with the Canadian Chamber conclusion that the tax would provide more certainty,” says NSBA Executive Director Keith Moen. “We already have the certainties of stalled pipelines, apparent preference for imported oil from countries such as Saudi Arabia, and low resource prices. Any potential certainty from this tax would be countered by the completely uncertain significant damages to the western economy and the impacts of competing with non-carbon tax countries for our exports.”

The NSBA supports Saskatchewan’s plan to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions rather than just add one more tax and opposes the uneven application of a tax that unfairly impacts western economies that do not have nuclear power or extensive hydroelectric capabilities.

“It is critical to point out that the tax does not equal carbon dioxide reduction, nor does carbon dioxide reduction equal a carbon tax. They are not synonymous, symbiotic, nor even complementary to one another,” says Moen. “This is not the way to go about achieving reductions in manmade greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Saskatchewan already has its resource economy being hamstrung and agricultural exports threatened despite our ongoing actions towards carbon dioxide reduction, capture and storage,” adds Moen. “A carbon tax is simply a tax and our members know it. I have not had a single business express support for the tax, while the overriding feeling is opposition to the tax. I can categorically state our members oppose the tax. This tax will harm our businesses, employees, their families and our communities.”

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The NSBA is a member-driven and focused business association in Saskatoon that serves, promotes and protects business throughout Saskatoon and beyond. The NSBA has recently rebranded to be known simply by its acronym – NSBA – to reflect its current membership which has grown considerably beyond Saskatoon’s north end. The NSBA has developed its mandate and reputation by being a relevant, topical and effective organization that interacts with all levels of government and industry on a variety of issues for the betterment of our local economy.


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