NSBA Responds to Speech from the Throne 2023

Posted on October 26, 2023 in

NSBA Responds to Speech from the Throne 


Saskatoon, SK, October 25, 2023 – Following the recent the Speech from the Throne to announce the opening of the third Session of the Twenty- Ninth Saskatchewan Legislature, the NSBA acknowledges the Saskatchewan government’s dedication to enhancing the province’s growth and economic prosperity as outlined in the 2023 Throne Speech, “Build and Protect.” 

In the Throne Speech, the government highlighted the remarkable achievements of the province and its continued commitment to fostering progress while safeguarding the legacy that has been established over the years. Saskatchewan has witnessed a significant increase in its population, with over 200,000 new residents since 2007, reinforcing its status as a place to be.  

The NSBA welcomes the Saskatchewan government’s new investment attraction strategy, designed to create a flourishing export market, attracting fresh investments and generating employment opportunities. “By focusing on emerging sectors and strengthening existing industries, this strategy will further position Saskatchewan on the global stage. We believe this approach will boost the economy, create jobs, and drive innovation across the province” says Keith Moen, Executive Director, NSBA.  

In addition, the NSBA supports the introduction of the Saskatchewan Jobs Plan. Moen stated that “this is a positive step in recruiting, training, and retaining highly skilled workers for our province.” Though there is no single silver bullet to addressing issues around labour shortage, the NSBA is pleased with this initiative and the government’s commitment to recognizing credentials quicker. The NSBA also commends the government’s commitment to enhancing indigenous employment opportunities in the province.  

The NSBA recognizes that the government is not immune to inflationary pressures and being prudent is a priority in times like this, however, it is important to note that we would have appreciated additional assistance directed towards small and medium-sized businesses, who are the engine of Saskatchewan’s economy. “As we all navigate through a period of inflation and high interest rate, we look forward to incentives and rebates that will benefit small and medium-sized businesses in the province.” Moen said. 

In conclusion, the NSBA remains optimistic about the future of Saskatchewan under the “Build and Protect” vision laid out in the 2023 Throne Speech. These plans promise to capitalize on the province’s potential, ensuring that Saskatchewan continues to grow, create jobs, and strengthen its position on the global stage.  

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