NSBA Responds to 2020 Provincial Budget

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NSBA Responds to 2020 Provincial Budget

NSBA recognizes need to delay full budget, commends government for providing forecast of expenditures


SASKATOON, SK – With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the NSBA commends the provincial government for its responsible approach to the announcement of the 2020 Provincial Budget. The NSBA feels that attempting to forecast the full revenues of the province for the upcoming would be irresponsible and that the government’s decision to focus on continued support and certainty on the expenditures for communities, health care, and infrastructure shows leadership and commitment to the future of our province.

The NSBA also commends the government for the growth measures outlined in the partial budget, including the Oil Infrastructure Investment Program and a PST Rebate for New Home Construction. The NSBA believes that these measures will help the province rebound from the disruption of COVID-19 in the short term and continue on a path of economic prosperity in the long term.

The NSBA will provide a full commentary on the Provincial Budget and financial position once normal conditions resume and the government is able to provide revenue numbers alongside the expenditures. The NSBA recognizes that the ongoing pandemic and the government’s commitment to providing the required resources to our health care programs will be factors in these eventual numbers and will provide commentary that reflects this reality.

“Ensuring stability in our province moving forward is priority #1,” said Keith Moen, Executive Director of the NSBA. “With the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 it is important that we keep our house in order and continue to support key areas of our province. While only seeing the expenditures side of the budget is far from ideal, we certainly appreciate that our government is acting responsibly and not making predictions that do not reflect what is happening in the world around us.”

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