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Applications are now open for the NSBA Board of Directors!

The NSBA Board of Directors is elected from the NSBA membership at the Annual General Meeting based on a slate of candidates suggested by the Nominating Committee of the Board. Individuals interested in sitting on the NSBA Board are encouraged to fill out this application form for submission to the Nominating Committee. A member of the Nominating Committee will follow up on each application submitted.

Instructions for Submitting Form:
1) Download and save the form to your computer. Click here to download the form
2) Open the form from its saved location and input your candidate information.
3) Save the form.
4) Hit the submit button below. If your email is not set up to auto-send, please ensure that you
send the form from your email Outbox manually.

Please direct any questions to the following individuals on the Nominations Committee:

James Fraser: jfraser@aslpaving.ca
Milton Taylor: imageryca@shaw.ca
Tracy Arno: tracy@essencerecruitment.ca
Alan Migneault: amigneault@sasktel.net

The application deadline is February 15, 2022

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