The NSBA is a fiercely independent member-driven organization that works for you!

Whether it’s lobbying on your behalf to elected officials, creating programming that consistently exceeds expectations, or helping to foster a collegial atmosphere in the business community, the NSBA places the needs of its members first. Our members make us who we are: they are loyal, hard-working, and community-minded and we strive to give back to our members more than they give to us. As one esteemed member so eloquently put it: “Being part of the association, the NSBA, is a no-brainer; you give to get.”

So, why become an NSBA member? The answer is simple: the NSBA provides top-quality service in a number of areas relating to the growth and success of the business community. Some key areas where we provide value to members are:

Lobbying and Advocacy

The NSBA represents the concerns of its members to all levels of government on issues of all sizes and varieties. As a member, we work on your behalf to lobby for policies that will benefit your business (and the business community as a whole). Sometimes these issues may seem “too small” but we are ready and willing to go to bat for our members. See the Policies section of our website for some examples of issues the NSBA tackles. As a volunteer-driven organization, members can also have input on the organization’s policy positions by sitting on one of our Policy Committees.

Business Programming

The NSBA hosts events that are of interest to its members and the business community at large. We are consistently told that we host some of the best business events in the city and we work hard to make sure that our members have fun. Many of our events have an educational component, whether it be listening to industry experts at luncheons and breakfasts or learning lessons of entrepreneurship at Lessons and Popcorn. See our Signature Events and Regular Programming pages for more information on specific events. As with our Lobbying and Advocacy, the NSBA has volunteer Events Committees that assist in the planning and execution of events.


The NSBA offers opportunities for its members to network as well as opportunities for members of the community at large to network with the business community. The networking opportunities offered by the NSBA go hand-in-hand with the success of our events as the NSBA has become known for the type of people that regularly attend NSBA events, namely business owners and high-level elected and government officials. No other business event has the same networking opportunities as the NSBA.


The NSBA offers its members the opportunity to advertise to the membership and community as a whole through varied advertising platforms. Members looking to advertise can take advantage of the NSBA’s regular e-mail communications, the NSBA’s printed member directory, as well as the organization’s various event sponsorship opportunities. Advertising opportunities with the NSBA are distinguished by the ability to access the NSBA membership directly, including the large portion of owner-managed businesses that are counted as part of the membership.

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The NSBA works to grow and support the Saskatoon business community. We aim to foster a community spirit across the business community by taking the unique spirit and camaraderie characteristic of the NSBA membership and spreading it to the community as a whole. We wholeheartedly believe that our members are better for their participation in the community and that the community is better through the addition of more members.

Group Benefits

NSBA members also have access to an Association-Hosted Employee Benefits program through Saskatchewan Blue Cross. The Association-hosted employee benefits plan initiative is available to all NSBA member companies with 3 or more employees. An employee benefits plan can be tailored to meet the needs of each NSBA member company.

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