May 2, 2023 Message to the Membership

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May 2, 2023 Message to the Membership

Well since the turn of the calendar, I’ve certainly been considerably more sporadic with these messages to you. You’re welcome, or I’m sorry, depending upon which side of the fence you’re on.

Anyway, please let me explain one of the reasons for this. We have a new home. Yep, as of April 11, 2023, the NSBA has permanently relocated to 190-833 45th Street West, otherwise known as the Orano building.

Actually, Orano is on the second floor and the west half of the main floor, while the east half sat empty. So we worked out an agreement with the landlord, and as a result, will be here for the next 10 years (taking us into our 60th anniversary, for those not paying attention.)

We now occupy the northeast portion of the main floor. Our sign is on the front of the building, which faces north. So those of you who commute along 45th Street, or if you’re en route to the airport when you take your next flight (who are we kidding, let’s say from the airport after your next flight; you’ll be too hurried and stressed, and besides, we won’t be here at 3:30 am), stop in and say hello. We’ll give you the five-cent tour and there might even be a coffee in it for you.

Even though this was our second move within the last year, it was a lot of work to get all the pieces in place. For those not keeping track, due to HVAC issues and construction schedules we moved from our old location on Quebec Avenue nearly a year ago to a temporary location on 45th Street East. We ‘lived in limbo’ there until a permanent location was found. And although the deal was done right around new year’s, it took some time for the space to be built out and so on.

Although we’re still a little ways away from being completely settled in, we have a very functional and workable space to work in and from. We have approximately doubled our space from the Quebec Avenue location, which was needed to not only provide a healthier work environment, but also to provide more functional space for our Board and committee meetings.

Among the things yet to be settled are some interior cosmetics as well as our Boardroom setup with permanent A/V equipment. I have a goal of securing a naming rights sponsorship for our Boardroom,  and the opportunity still exists for someone. Please reach out if you’re interested and I’d be happy to discuss further.

But back to the move itself. You would think that given we only unpacked what we deemed to be essential things from the first move, it would be a walk in the park. Nope, not even close. But that says more about my inexperience with office moves than it does anything else. In my mind, it seemed to be a never-ending process that still leaves us not quite yet to the finish line. At least I’m down to my last box to unpack (it’s the one that had all the loose papers that was going to take some time to sort and file, and hence I haven’t touched it in two weeks).

But we’re getting there and much more importantly, we’re happy with and proud of our new space.

On another note, as this newsletter reveals a little further down, we have a new face around here. Brayden Caron is our new Marketing and Communications Coordinator. He’s celebrating his two-month anniversary later this week and we couldn’t be happier.

Aside from his considerable skillset, he brings with him a can-do positive attitude, which fits in perfectly with our team. When you get the chance, chat him up and welcome him to your NSBA team.

Going through the hiring, training and onboarding process has also been a bit of a time commitment on my part, so that’s just another reason why you haven’t heard from me as much lately.

Once again, you’re welcome (or I’m sorry).

But until next time, be safe, be smart, be considerate, be well, but most of all, be kind.

Keith Moen

Executive Director


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