March 29, 2022 Message to the Membership

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March 29, 2022 Message to the Membership

Being involved in a non-profit corporation is a unique experience. Every year we are given a new Board Chair, to go along with a new rendition of the Board to help guide and direct the organization. In other words, every year I get a new ‘boss’ and often with that comes a new sense of purpose or direction from that particular leader. 

Due to COVID, the last two Board Chairs, James Fraser and Milton Taylor respectively, were forced to play the hand they were dealt with, which is to say, they had Year 1 and Year 2 of COVID. Despite this, they each had a tremendous positive impact on the organization. We survived and thrived, and hopefully the same can be said of your business. 

As of last week’s Annual General Meeting, we have a new Board Chair, Tracy Arno. I don’t want to speak for her (and can’t quite frankly), so won’t even attempt it. What I can tell you, however, is that we have an exciting year lined up, with many new developments. 

Key to this will be the development and subsequent implementation of a Strategic Plan – our first in five years. We’re currently accepting Proposals for this Strategic Plan RFP, so hopefully you’re working on your submission if you’re a consultant in that space.  

What we’ll also do more earnestly is bring you up to speed on the lobbying and advocacy work that we do on your behalf. Feedback from many of you who were at last week’s AGM, where I did a year-in-review recap, was that they had no idea of all the things we’d done in 2021. I must admit, I kind of lose track of it all in hindsight as well, because I’m always looking to the next file or issue in our sights. 

What we can also tell you for certain (failing another pandemic or world war) is that our annual events are all lined up and ready to go. 

First up will be a new one that we’re presenting with our partners, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and WESK, which is called Funny Business, presented by Blue Moose Media. It’s on April 13 at Prairieland Park. It’s just a night out to have some fun. So come on out and listen to three local, hilarious comedians and forget about the last two years. 

Next up will be our Golf Classic, presented by 77 Signs, on Wednesday, May 25 at Moon Lake Golf Course. Registrations are now open, so get your team (or yourself) in before it’s too late. It sells out every year and I have a sneaking suspicion that this year will be our earliest sell-out yet.  

Then will be our Business Builder Awards, presented by Nutrien, on Thursday, June 23. Applications are now open for our award categories, so please apply, or nominate someone to apply. It’s a relatively simple process that we can make even easier by giving you some assistance. Just call our office and we’ll be happy to help. 

Next will be our Popcorn and Entrepreneurship Series, presented by EY. As of now, it’s a secret who we’re featuring this year, but the production is well underway and once again, it’s going to be an outstanding story being told on the big screen. Watch for that announcement, but until then, book Wednesday, August 31 in your calendar. 

And our last major event of the year is our Lessons I’ve Learned, presented by KPMG, being held on Tuesday, October 4. Speakers are being confirmed as we speak, and once again I can tell you that it will be a can’t-miss event. 

So there you have it. A rundown of our year’s annual events, with a couple more – our Mining Week Breakfast and Annual Cookout at Great Western Brewing Company’s patio – on the books with details to follow. 

Book your time accordingly, and we’ll see you in the movies – or on the golf course, or at Prairieland, or on the patio, or… you get the idea. 

Until next time, be safe, be smart, be considerate, be well, but most of all, be kind. 

Keith Moen 

Executive Director 


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