June 21, 2022 Message to the Membership

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June 21, 2022 Message to the Membership

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of those good, ol’ pump-your-tires, happy-to-be-alive messages so what better time to do just that than today? Today is perhaps THE best day of the year. It’s the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the first day of summer, and to top it off, National Indigenous Peoples Day. 

I must admit, I feel a little bit like a grade school student, waiting for classes to stop and those long, warm, lazy days of summer to start. You see, our work schedule somewhat mirrors the school schedule in that we are busy January through June, then July comes and it’s a bit of a ghost town around here. Between many of our members going away on holidays, it’s also a good time for our staff to get away for some well-deserved R and R time. 

Then August starts to pick up, which is good preparation for the pedal-to-the-metal pace that picks up come September, that carries us on right through to the Christmas season.  

So now, in my humble opinion, is one of the very best times of the year – with everything good in front of us. Even the weather is finally beginning to understand that it’s actually summer. We could do without the wind storms, torrential rain and hail, mind you, but I think it’s safe to actually turn on the outside taps now, without fear of them freezing overnight.  

So now (OK soon, we have this little thing called The Business Builder Awards in two days) is the time to start thinking about sitting back and kicking your heels up, or working on that summer project, or playing a few rounds of golf, or going fishing with your friends and family, taking a family road trip, or getting away to the family cabin. Aaaahhhh Summer! 

And though the days may be long, they fly by so, so quickly! But this is a positive message, so keep thinking positively about the possibilities. Even the daydreaming about what opportunities and possibilities lie ahead is a well-needed mental break.  

And don’t be one of those Debbie Downers because we’re experiencing some precipitation. Have you noticed how green and lush everything is since the rainfall started? Are you aware that our economy relies upon agriculture? Do you not see the connection between rain and a thriving agricultural sector? Furthermore, do you not see the connection between that fact and your own business or industry? 

I don’t care what industry you happen to be in, (that’s not entirely true, I actually do care but it’s just a saying, OK?) but if you’re not directly impacted by agriculture, then you are most definitely indirectly impacted by agriculture. Your best customer, or supplier, might be directly related to ag, and they’re spending money, or spending time with you.  

If you still don’t get it, buy yourself a rain coat and some rubber boots. Remember the fun you used to have as a kid by playing in those puddles of water? I don’t think it’s just me because the old saying that says ‘You can take the boy out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out the boy’ certainly wasn’t made for me and me alone. Just call me Eddie Rabbit, because I love a good rain. Like my Dad used to say, ‘You’re not made of sugar.’ 

I must say that about the only time I didn’t really like rain was while riding a motorcycle. The rainfall pelting your face can be about as enjoyable as a root canal. But it’s a positive story… Buy yourself a full-faced helmet! 

And finally, it’s National Indigenous People’s Day, which is yet another example of how Indigenous people had it right, and us settlers screwed it up yet again. You see all of the good things that I write about above, is part of the reason why National Indigenous People’s Day falls on the summer solstice. They had this figured out centuries ago, and we’re just starting to clue into the fact that today is a day worthy of celebration. 

I might be a bit of a Debbie Downer here in saying that I don’t believe employers should be burdened with it becoming a statutory holiday, but if it came to that, then do it at the expense of another, like Family Day in February or Saskatchewan Day in August (aka The August long). 

But it’s a day of celebration and it’s about time we figured that one out. Get with the program and enjoy the festivities. Happy National Indigenous People’s Day, Happy Summer and happy camping. 

Just don’t forget the Off!! 

Until next time, be safe, be smart, be considerate, be well, but most of all, be kind. 

Keith Moen 

Executive Director  

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