July 12, 2022 Message to the Membership

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July 12, 2022 Message to the Membership

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written one of these (apparently misnamed) ‘Weekly Messages’, as I’ve been enjoying some of Saskatchewan’s best days: the long, warm ones that we yearn for all year. So I’ve taken advantage by making a couple of weekends into longer ones, which has impeded my time to chat with you here, (but judging from the amount of complaints in their absence, it appears you haven’t missed me all that much). 

All’s well that ends well, though, so here we go… 

If you’re like me, you might find it a little difficult when there seems to be competing interests between our provincial and federal governments. Of course, this is nothing new (hello, carbon tax). And equally as obvious is that each of these jurisdictional authorities is supposed to be in fact representing us, specifically, our best interests. But it’s not always apparent that our interests are in fact being looked after at all times. 

Indeed, a growing faction of our fellow Saskatchewanians appear to be more displeased with our federal government than before. And no, I’m not talking about the increase in upstart political parties such as Wexit, The Maverick Party, The Buffalo Party, et al. Nor am I talking about protests that have taken place, such as the Truckers Convoy, those regarding vaccine mandates and so on. I’m talking about our own provincial government now undertaking a series of consultations around the province that are being overseen by current MLA Lyle Stewart and former MLA and MP Allan Kerpan. 

The purpose of these consultations is to discuss Saskatchewan autonomy, and how our province fits into Confederation and whether or not we should be asking for more control over certain things that are, as time moves on, seemingly more important to the people of Saskatchewan than they are to the people of Canada. 

Bronwyn Eyre, Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Saskatchewan, was recently on CKOM’s John Gormley Show, discussing the premise behind this activity. Of course, she summed up the conversation rather eloquently and so we thought why not bring her into a room full of NSBA members to talk about this very topic. So we’re pleased to advise you that Minister Eyre is doing just that; she’s joining us for a luncheon presentation on Thursday, July 21 at the Saskatoon Travelodge Hotel to discuss this. 

On the radio show, Minister Eyre said that these town hall meetings were essentially to ask people about the relationship between Saskatchewan and Ottawa. And furthermore, to ask if there is something that Saskatchewan should do about that relationship. 

Interestingly she noted that at one such meeting Lyle Stewart asked those present if they believed in separation, to which only two out of about 50 raised their hands. So that to me is a good sign that there are a lot more people like me, who are Canadians at heart, but perhaps want to know why our federal government is so seemingly intent on harming our provincial economy. 

We are a land-locked province, we have nearly half of the arable land in all of Canada, we are blessed with abundant renewable and non-renewable resources that are now largely deemed to be undesirable by the green and woke advocates.  

On top of that, we have limited options for baseload power, which, if there was a blessing in disguise from the Rogers debacle of last week, should be to illuminate how bad a similar circumstance would be if it was your energy in your home not working as opposed to your phone in a -40 night in Saskatchewan, or anywhere for that matter. 

But I digress; among our abundant natural resources is uranium, which in my humble opinion, is the answer to not just our energy conundrum, but the world’s energy conundrum. But wait, the feds don’t seem to like that answer either.  

So maybe, just maybe, the time is right for this discussion. Join us on July 21 to lend your voice to the conversation. 

Until next time, be safe, be smart, be considerate, be well, but most of all, be kind. 

Keith Moen 

Executive Director 


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