I’m embarassed. Please don’t hold it against me…

Posted on November 26, 2018 in

I’m embarassed. Please don’t hold it against me…

I’m embarrassed.  Please don’t hold it against me but something happened to me the other day that I never thought would happen.  I was listening to the news and what I heard made me consider packing up my things and leaving Canada.  Although hearing that officially in April a “carbon tax” will be imposed on Saskatchewan businesses (and residents) and then the money will be redistributed was disturbing enough; it wasn’t necessarily that one specific story, it was more the proverbial carbon-based straw that broke the oil rich Saudi camel’s back.

Almost immediately after I thought those bad thoughts, I realized the err of my thinking.  However, I wonder how many successful business people have had the same thoughts and will act on them?  I know for sure that those Saskatchewan business people with options to invest in Canada or elsewhere are impacted negatively by the various actions of the Federal government.  That isn’t how it’s supposed to work!

Recently we heard that changes are coming to allow accelerated “write offs” of capital costs for certain investments.  I do applaud the changes despite the current reality that many companies in the West will not be making investments due to the economic conditions of oil and other commodities and a lack of sufficient transportation.  Let’s hope that this is the start of the turn-around for policy decisions that affect business in the West.

Your NSBA has been active in advocating for you with the City, Province and Federal governments.  We continue to make in-roads on many topics.  When you have a specific issue that is affecting your business please make a call to the NSBA office and let them know.  Don’t be shy, you will not likely be the only one affected and the more feedback we get the more effective our advocacy work will be.

In addition to the advocacy work, the NSBA puts on some of the best events that allow you to network with potential customers and suppliers as well as learn something from the speakers.  October and November were busy months for events with the NSBA with Lessons I’ve Learned, Small Business Week Luncheon with Kendal Netmaker, the Politics of Pipelines with Minister Eyre, Mayor’s Luncheon and various Club Connect speakers to name just a few.  If you were able to attend some of these events, I really do hope that you were able to make some new connections.

Thank you for your support of the NSBA, for your courage to strive for a better business climate and for sharing your experiences with other entrepreneurs.  I hope to see you out for an evening with Brad Wall and at the annual Children’s Wish Luncheon in December!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alan Migneault, NSBA Board Chair

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