I am privileged to be associated with the NSBA!

Posted on June 4, 2019 in

I am privileged to be associated with the NSBA!

I am privileged to be associated with the NSBA!  Each time I get together with a group of members and discuss “issues of the day” I am always pleased to hear how they appreciate the work the NSBA does for them and their businesses!  It never fails, the issues facing them as a business owner or employee are common to so many others and this is where your NSBA can really help.  The team at the NSBA office have always demonstrated their keen interest in helping take your collective concerns (or even your individual concerns) and making the contacts needed to advocate for practical business friendly responses by your municipal, Provincial or Federal government.

Recently I was in a room that included past NSBA Presidents (9 of them) and asked them whether advocacy on Federal government issues was something that the NSBA should continue.  I think there was general agreement that while more “distant” and some would suggest a sense of apathy is prevailing among business owners, it was still the kind of advocacy that makes the NSBA who we are.  We had a significant impact on the proposed tax changes that were proposed over a year ago when we held our tax rally and hit the National news as well as the desks of politicians throughout Ottawa.  We can and are having impact on more current files such as Bill 69 and Bill 48.

I completely understand that some of the issues we deal with are much more down to earth and practical such as pot holes in the road outside of your business in Saskatoon; however, the Provincial and Federal government advocacy is definitely still very valuable AND your NSBA have proven to be effective in all levels of government on your behalf.

Stay tuned in to the NSBA for more examples and “case studies” of the ways in which your membership can pay for itself many times over through the NSB “A” Team’s advocacy work for you!

Mark your calendars for lunch with the NSBA and your Premier Scott Moe on June 24th!  The Provincial political landscape has been changing this year and with a Federal election coming in a few months I expect that Premier Moe will have lots to say on topics that will impact your business!

Thank you for supporting the NSBA, for giving your voice to the NSBA.  I look forward to seeing you at events in the future and to discussing how the NSBA can assist you and your business.  Most importantly, travel safe wherever you may go over the summer months!

Alan Migneault, NSBA Board Chair

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