Here’s A Question For You – By Keith Moen – NSBA, Executive Director

Posted on October 3, 2016 in

There is definitely plenty to think
about heading into the 2016 civic
election. Platforms, promises,
campaigns and ideologies are all
certainly part of the mix.

Perhaps you should be adding another
question into the equation: Have you ever
stopped to really think where your pay
cheque comes from?
If you’re in the private sector, it’s pretty
straight forward. Your employer’s name and
bank account information makes it abundantly
clear where your cheque comes from.
If you’re in the public sector though, it’s a
little less clear. Although the employer is still
identified, the ultimate source of where the
money comes from is not. Of course public
sector employees (those employed by various
levels of governments, branches, agencies,
health districts, school boards etc.) are paid
by their respective employer, but from where
does that employer receive its money?

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