Front Lines…..October 8/19

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Why do we not learn from our own mistakes?  Why do we drive slowly by the scene of an accident – only to drive with less caution than the drivers involved in the car accident?  I don’t intend on answering those questions about you or society.  I expect that the answers would be different for each of us but I do believe that when it comes to business the reasons are probably the same as in our personal lives.  For me, I have recently been thinking about whether I have learned the personal lessons from mistakes I’ve made in the past, or more appropriately, decisions I have made.

In the business context it appears that most of us are keenly interested in reading or hearing about business failures or failures of business people to make the “right” decision.  With hindsight we can say we would have made a different decision however the benefit of hindsight can also be a blind spot.  I know from personal experience it is way too easy to say that I would not have made the same poor decision as what I may have read or heard about.  Or in the opposite context – that I would have made the same good decision. The blind spot is in not really learning from others’ good and bad decisions and simply believing in ourselves and our confidence that we would have made a better decision in the same circumstances.

The ability to make better decisions is what I hope to gain from participating in NSBA events – in fact that is one of the reasons the NSBA exists.  Experiences of others have helped me make better decisions in both personal and business environments – but only once I started to remove some blind spot and really listen and learn.

So I challenge you!  I challenge you to take part in NSBA events like “Lessons I’ve Learned” (on tonight!), or the “Popcorn and Entrepreneurship Series” (annually in August) or simply any networking event with other business people.  My challenge is for you to seek out and truly learn from the experiences of others.  I will be at “Lessons I’ve Learned” and I hope I am able to change the context and think about the environment and the lack of hindsight available when the presenters were making decisions in their past.  I hope you and I don’t just “drive by”.

It turns out there is a Federal election coming up!  If you decided not to vote in the last election – will you make the same decision today?  I hope not and if you did vote, has anything occurred since the last election that you want to learn from?

Watch for upcoming events as the next couple of months there are many opportunities to learn from others and thank you for your support of the NSBA!  Your support allows the NSBA to advocate on your behalf and ensure good decisions are being made with you and your business success in mind.

Alan Migneault

Board Chair


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