Front Lines…..December 10/19

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Political issues are being debated at such a shallow level that no one takes them seriously and certainly very few would say they learn from such debates, let alone have their opinions altered through rational discussions of the issues. I won’t speak for you, but I found the political discussions before and after the recent Federal election to be frustrating, polarizing and divisive. I recognize that others have said the same sorts of things, but it is this recognition that compelled me to start off this article this way.

I heard this at the NSBA’s recent co-presented event with Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan when Rex Murphy made his remarks. I heard it again at the NSBA’s co-presented event with the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce when the 3 different political party strategists responded to an excellent question from one of the many NSBA members in the audience. It then dawned on me that this is yet another reason why the NSBA exists and is working hard to carry your messages to those who will, in fact, listen. That is why we organize to have such great speakers – so you can perhaps get your deeper, more important thoughts about political issues into the limelight.

It also is important to note that those two events were both co-presentations – the NSBA is working hard to create the unity in business advocacy that is required to truly be heard from a region of the country that is not well represented in the Federal government.

Rex Murphy recently said that “Diversity is a great thing; but unity, unity, unity is Canada’s strength.”  The opportunity we have as members of the NSBA is to be a positive force against the frustrating, polarizing and divisive nature of political debate. In doing so we will push to be heard, to be understood and to enact change in mindsets which will ultimately allow our members to prosper. If there was ever a reason to be united in business, this is it.

In November we organized a “sit down” with Mayor Charlie Clark (a “fireside chat” – but without the fire so I guess that’s the appropriate name for it) where Mayor Clark was able to shed some light on some municipal topics of interest to the membership. We also heard inspiring stories from two of Saskatoon’s most prominent CEO’s, Tim Gitzel (Cameco) and Scott Banda (Federated Co-operatives Limited), so the NSBA’s fall calendar had many opportunities for you to network and get inspired to grow your business. I am so impressed with the extraordinary attendance at these and other NSBA events – I know the NSBA staff are doing a tremendous job of listening to what you are interested in and giving you what you want!

It is Christmas season and a time of the year that, for me, I think more about helping others and trying to understand others’ opinions and give back to the community that has been so giving to me. I hope you feel the same. Together our voices can change the discourse.

Lastly I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to an awesome 2020!

Alan Migneault

Board Chair


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