From North Saskatoon Business Association to NSBA: the name is shorter, but the reach is wider

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From North Saskatoon Business Association to NSBA: the name is shorter, but the reach is wider

The NSBA is officially announcing the re-brand of the organization formerly known as the North Saskatoon Business Association to be simply known by the acronym, NSBA. This re-branding is a reflection of the growth of the organization’s membership beyond the traditional north end industrial area to include businesses from across Saskatoon and beyond.

“Over the years, our membership has grown to include businesses from all over the city and beyond,” said Keith Moen, Executive Director of the NSBA. “With this growth, it made sense to have a name that truly reflects who we are and who our members are. Conversationally, we have been known simply as the NSBA for years so formalizing it was the next logical step.”

Despite considering other options, the acronym NSBA has been retained in recognition of the organization’s history in the north end of Saskatoon and the large segment of the membership that still calls that part of the city home. The NSBA has become a recognizable brand within the city, and even the province, and this re-brand leverages that name recognition.

Along with a change to the name of the organization, the NSBA has also amended its tagline from “Supporting Saskatoon’s Business Community” to “Saskatoon’s Business Association.” This change also reflects the previously mentioned growth of the association. This tagline, or the alternative “A Business Association in Saskatoon,” can be used when a qualifying statement is deemed necessary in addition to the name “NSBA.”

For more information:
The NSBA is a member-driven and focused business association in Saskatoon that serves, promotes and protects business throughout Saskatoon and beyond. The NSBA has recently rebranded to be known simply by its acronym – NSBA – to reflect its current membership which has grown considerably beyond Saskatoon’s north end. The NSBA has developed its mandate and reputation by being a relevant, topical and effective organization that interacts with all levels of government and industry on a variety of issues for the betterment of our local economy.
Keith Moen
Executive Director
(306) 242-3060

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