The NSBA is launching a new Webinar Series to help businesses and individuals cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Series will feature speakers touching on topics ranging from employment law to how to keep up healthy physical habits while in self-isolation.

New speakers and presentations will be added on an ongoing basis and links to each webinar will be posted on this page as they are confirmed. To help you keep up with our schedule, you can count on presentations at the following times and we will get you information on the presenter as soon as possible:

Week 1 (March 23rd to March 27th) Tuesday, Thursday @ 11am
Week 2 (March 30th to April 3rd) Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 11am
Week 3 (April 6th to April 10th) Tuesday, Thursday @ 11am
Week 4 (April 13th to April 17th) Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 11am

Presenter: Steve Seiferling (Seiferling Law)

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 24 @ 11am

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Presenter: Deb Wiegers (Wiegers Financial & Benefits)

Date/Time: Thursday, March 26 @ 11am

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The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust employers into unprecedented territory, raising questions about group benefits, EI, layoffs and a whole host of other workforce and workplace issues. Deb Wiegers is the Co-President of Wiegers Financial & Benefits and leads the company’s Group Benefits Consulting Division. In this webinar, Deb will address the most common questions being asked of her and her team by employers and employees alike with respect to the pandemic, and will be available to answer your questions too. Please join us!

Presenter: Jody Sagen (WBM Technologies)

Date/Time: Monday, March 30 @ 11am

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In recent years, technology trends have enabled people to have improved access to the information they need, anywhere and from any device. Over the past two weeks, thousands of businesses and millions of people have accelerated the use of these technologies as they find themselves in a new reality, working from home. Join us for our webinar as we speak to experts from WBM Technologies who will share some practical tips to ensure that your business and your people can work from home securely, productively and safely.

With almost 20 years of industry experience under his belt, Jody Sagen, Director Technology Experience & Enablement at WBM Technologies, has built a career helping clients achieve world-class business outcomes. He now leads one of Western Canada’s most sought-after teams of Technology Experience Engineers as they facilitate business transformations across all industry sectors. With M365 and the Cloud as their platform, Jody’s team focuses on building efficiencies in the office through collaboration and teams.

Presenter: Mayor Charlie Clark (City of Saskatoon)

Date/Time: Friday, April 3rd @ 11am






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If you missed a topic that you really wanted to hear, don’t worry because we will be uploading each webinar to this page. Once the video is uploaded you will be able to find it under the respective topic.

You can also find more information and links relating to the COVID-19 pandemic HERE.

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