NSBA Club Connect “Saskatoon Air Support Unit – What do they do?” (Oct 23/20)

October 23, 2020

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club

Registration @ 7:10 am

“Saskatoon Air Support Unit – What do they do?” A Presentation by Wade Bourassa

This Presentation provides a briefing on what the Saskatoon Police Service Air Support Unit does and how it provides a life saving service for Saskatoon


Sergeant Wade Bourassa
Wade has served as a police officer for the Saskatoon Police Service for 21 years and is currently a Sergeant in charge off the Air Support Unit. Since 2013 as a pilot and Tactical Flight Officer, Wade has worked to re-invent the Air 1 program in Saskatoon. In five short years, calls for service were increased by 172%, Arrests went up 232%, criminal charges went up 246% and pursuits managed went up by 542% with no budget increase.
In 2018 Sgt. Bourassa presented a business case to purchase their own aircraft to the Saskatoon Police Service Administration, the Saskatoon Police Commission and City Council. With unanimous approval in 2018 this aircraft was purchased and now after one year or service the project is projected to save the city budget nearly 1 million dollars over 10 years.”
Sgt. Bourassa is the Canadian Regional Director of APSA “(Airborne Public Safety Association)” which is a 50 year old North American association that provides safety training to Police, Fire and Medical aviation units all over North America

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