NSBA Luncheon Series – “Take 60 Minutes of Your Time to Thank Those Who Serve Canada” (Jan15/19)

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January 15, 2019

11:30am - 1:00pm


Saskatoon Inn - Ballroom A
Registration @ 11:30 am

NSBA Luncheon Series Featuring:

“Take 60 Minutes of Your Time to Thank Those Who Serve Canada”

A Presentation by Josee Robidoux – CFLC (Canadian Forces Liaison Council)

The NSBA will co-host a luncheon with the Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC) to thank and recognize the Top Saskatchewan Employers who support Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Reservists at the biennial awards ceremony. These Employers serve Canada, through their support of their CAF Reservist employees. There are over 300 active Reserve Members of the Canadian Armed Forces living in Saskatoon and area with, thousands more citizens who have served. These women and men come from a diverse employment and cultural backgrounds. They are also our neighbours, coach our youth teams, participate in other community groups but in addition proudly wear the uniform of our country, serving Canada.

  • Join us in recognizing Saskatoon and area Employers who are receiving recognition at CFLC biennial award ceremony thanking them for their support allowing their Reservist Employee to serve our country.
  • Learn how these these Army and Navy Reservists successfully manage two different careers and come from a wide variety of civilian occupations within our community.
  • Hear their stories about service both at home and abroad, during the war in Afghanistan, in Eastern Europe, Iraq and on domestic operations like the wild fires in Saskatchewan.
  • Hear from the employers themselves the value of the military skills their Reservists have and how they directly benefit the employer. Learn how they have developed proactive and flexible human resource policies that provide support but also attract this high skilled group of employees.
  • Learn how these employers benefit from having highly trained employees who have developed outstanding skills which are directly applicable to their civilian occupations. Skills in leadership, plan development and execution. Skills that are honed through advanced training, certification and proven application both in the service of Canada and in the workplace.
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