NSBA Club Connect “What Gets Me Up in The Morning and Keeps Me Up at Night?” (Oct 9/20)

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October 9, 2020

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club

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NSBA Club Connect Breakfast Series Featuring:

“What Gets Me Up in The Morning and Keeps Me Up at Night?”

A Presentation by James Brayshaw & Leon Ferguson

Our world has changed dramatically. We are faced with constant stressors and ever-increasing demands on a regular basis. This unprecedented activity requires us to take extra care and ensure we are equipped with the education and tools to nurture our mental health.

Jim and Leon bring unique and practical insights into the current climate, helping us understand what is happening to our mind and body. Simultaneously, they will be looking inwards with unique perspectives, ensuring we equip ourselves with relevant, easy-to-use tools to problem-solve through these difficult times.  At the end of the talk, you will have more insight into the benefits of these tools and how they will impact your ability to not only ‘get’ through these difficult times, but to ‘THRIVE’ through them.

James Brayshaw

James Brayshaw has spent the past 28 years working as a Professional Firefighter, Medic, and Educator. He is presently a Fire Captain and has over two decades of experience in the Mental Health field. James chairs a Peer Support and Critical Incident Stress Management Team for the Fire Service. He facilitates workshops on Resilience and Mental Health, sanctioned by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

He brings compassion and a depth of experience when developing and delivering presentations and workshops. James inspires learners to offer meaningful support and interact comfortably with those who may be experiencing a mental health crisis.

Leon Ferguson

Leon Ferguson is Vice President at Bridges Health. He oversees business development and has positioned the company to become a national leader in mental health programming, including the development of the award winning MINDfull™ Program and facilitations of Mental Health First Aid training. His extensive experience in the industry has led to Bridges Health amassing one of the most comprehensive libraries of workshops and program offerings in Canada. Leon brings a holistic lens of empathy and understanding to the complexities of mental health and wellness. He offers a unique perspective and shares insight into his own mental health journey, that includes the discovery of peace in puzzling and LEGO mastery.

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