NSBA Club Connect – “The ToonTown Tech Boom: What Does It Mean For Me?” (Aug9/19)

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August 9, 2019

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club
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NSBA Club Connect Breakfast Series Featuring:

“The ToonTown Tech Boom: What Does It Mean For Me?”

Presentation by Dan Gold & Mike Wolsfeld – Startupville Podcast

With so many large investments in the SK tech sector hitting the media, what should we pay attention to, and what are the opportunities for local businesses?

What role does Innovation Place and Co.Labs play in growing these current and future tech stars?

Discover why Martin Charlton Communications and Innovation Place created the Startupville podcast and how it’s being used to tell the stories of the startups, the sector and SK.

Dan Gold is the Director of Digital Strategy for Martin Charlton Communications. Mike Wolsfeld is the Collaboration Specialist at Innovation Place.

Dan Gold is a multiple award-winning global communicator with a background in tech, media and content marketing. He focuses on growing clients and protecting reputations through strategic communication. Before deciding to relocate from the UK, it was the opportunity to work with the tech sector that convinced Dan to make the move.

Mike is a born-and-raised small city advocate from Saskatoon, Canada.  With a background in building communities, as Collaboration Specialist with Innovation Place he works closely with the tech community from startup founders, students, firms and support systems to connect the dots and the people that need connecting.  Mike is a strong believer that a lot of big fish working together can turn a small pond into a blue ocean.

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