NSBA Club Connect – “Improving Communication Through Better Meetings” (Feb22/19)

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February 22, 2019

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club
Registration @ 7:10 am

NSBA Club Connect Breakfast Series Featuring:

“Improving Communication Through Better Meetings”

A Presentation by Jean-Guy LeBlanc – Wellspring Growth Systems

Do balls get dropped in your company due to poor communication?
Do your management team meetings help or do they often feel unproductive?  If so, learn to:

  • Set up a supportive rhythm of leadership team meetings to speed up your business, ensure teamwork, and keep relationships healthy
  • Run those meetings effective so you get those benefits

Jean-Guy works with ambitious CEOs of mid-sized companies who are always studying how to scale up more profitably and are struggling with implementing what they’ve learned, and who also wants to finally really enjoy life and make a difference. Jean-Guy is a Gravitas Impact Certified Coach and a Certified Barrett Values Centre Coach. Happily married to his wife, Janelle, he enjoys singing and playing guitar, yoga, cycling for fun and walking their dog, Lainey.

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