NSBA Club Connect – “Brand Bites: Deconstructing the Ingredients for a Successful Brand” (Oct26/18)

October 26, 2018

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club
Registration @ 7:10 am

NSBA Club Connect Featuring:

“Brand Bites: Deconstructing the Ingredients for a Successful Brand”

A Presentation by David Molesky – Rock & Bloom

Brands exert such influence on the choices you make and even your life, but few people understand why. What is brand and what are the components that make up your brand? The ways people interact with your brand and the stories you tell determine the life your company will have. Learn about the art and science of building and managing brands, and how to build an authentic brand experience.

Passionate, creative, perceptive. David Molesky is co-founder and Creative Director at Rock & Bloom, where he is the innovative force behind brand identity and design. Rock & Bloom was launched as a full-service design firm, born of the idea that design, innovation and strategy should never take a backseat. David lives these principles—his passion and pioneering nature drive a growth mindset through Rock & Bloom. Over 15 years of design experience combined with his Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provide David the unique ability to translate ones and zeros into user-friendly design, client conversations into masterful brands. Whether it’s working on the front lines with clients or programming websites, designing imaginative brands or developing mobile apps, David’s unique blend of left and right brain are invaluable on projects of all scope.

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