Club Connect – Wellpoint Health Ltd – August 11, 2017

August 11, 2017

7:10am - 9:00am


Please note venue change
Park Town Hotel - Oak Room

​Speaker: Bekk McDonald – Wellpoint Health Ltd.
Topic: “Clearing the Smoke: Cannabis in the Workplace”

Medical marijuana. Pot Legalization. Cannabis in the workplace. These phrases have sprouted in popularity over the past year, and will continue to be a hot topic in the coming months, as the Government of Canada enacts its new cannabis legislation leading up to July 2018. While much of the rhetoric has been rooted in the fear of impending legal chaos, it is also built on a lack of understanding between employees and employers.
In this session, we will discuss cannabis and the key elements of an effective substance abuse policy.

Bekk McDonald has worked with Wellpoint Health (previously Healthserv) for more than 5 years. In her role as Drug & Alcohol Program Administrator, Bekk has re-developed our Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion course and newly created our Employee Drug & Alcohol Awareness course. Her teaching has received positive feedback and has been requested by multiple companies not only in Saskatchewan, but also across Canada. More recently, Bekk has assisted multiple companies by ensuring their substance abuse policies are up to date with current legislation.

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