Club Connect – “The Money of IT: Finding Value In Your IT Spend” (May11/18)

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May 11, 2018

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club
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NSBA Club Connect Featuring:

“The Money of IT: Finding Value In Your IT Spend”

A Presentation by Matthew Murray – Graycon I.T.


Spending money on IT is more than just buying new hardware – it’s about finding the right ways to match your technology to your business goals. Join Graycon and discover:

  • The seven worst IT money wasters
  • The way your business can avoid them
  • How to get real value for the money your invest in IT.

We’ll dive into measuring real IT ROI, creating predictable costs and getting you back to your business.

Matthew Murray is the Senior Development Manager for Graycon I.T.  A Saskatoon entrepreneur, he was the owner of Penny Lane Wedding Store for 5 years.  You may also know him from his 20-year career in stand-up comedy.  Matthew prides himself on outside the box thinking and constant process improvement.  He truly believes the path to greater productivity and profitability lies in the efficient leveraging of technology.

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