Club Connect – “The Benefits of Benefits” (Feb9/18)

February 9, 2018

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club
Registration @ 7:10 am

NSBA Club Connect Featuring:

The Benefits of Benefits”
A Presentation by:

Katherine Strutt – Saskatchewan Pension Plan
Pat Kolysher – Anchor Managed Solutions
Tamara Bowman – Metric Design
Keith Moen – NSBA

It can cost 6 – 9 months of salary to replace a salaried employee – ex. a $40,000 manager could cost $20 – $30K to replace through recruitment and training.
And when it comes to recruiting, a small business owner has either done it all or has certainly been involved in the process. So how important is your initial offer?
Why is it important to create a “Business Culture” that attracts the right talent to your business? And Why a Pension Plan? Isn’t that going to cost a business a lot of money? Be a big headache with administration?

Join Gail Genest, Manager of Business Development for Saskatchewan Pension Plan for a look at the “Benefits of Benefits” in the workplace. In this panel discussion, you’ll learn more about SPP from General Manager Katherine Strutt and how the plan has worked for three business owners – Pat Kolysher from Anchor Solutions, Tamara Bowman from Metric Design and NSBA’s own Keith Moen.

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