Club Connect – “What Business Owners Can Do to Plan for the Proposed Tax Changes” (Nov24/17)

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November 24, 2017

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club
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“What Business Owners can do to Plan for the Proposed Tax Changes”

A Presentation by Colton Daniels – CIBC Wood Gundy


This presentation will feature a high level overview of the proposed tax changes that will affect small business owners the most which are 1) income sprinkling and 2) the elimination of tax deferral in a corporation. This will lead into how we see the future of small business tax planning which is using whole life insurance to grow corporate assets in a tax sheltered bubble until it can be pulled out tax free and/or used for estate planning.

Colton Daniels is an investment advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy and a Chartered Accountant with five years’ experience in public practice. Colton works with a team of advisors called the Daniels Investment Group that has been serving clients in Saskatchewan and beyond for over 30 years.

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