NSBA Club Connect “A Business Owner’s Perspective: How to Create A Self Driving, Empowered, Loyal Workforce”(Feb28/20)

February 28, 2020

7:10am - 9:00am


The Saskatoon Club

Registration @ 7:10 am

“A Business Owner’s Perspective: How To Create A Self-Driving, Empowered, Loyal Workforce” 

A Presentation by Danielle Robson 

How do you treat your employees? Do you find you have a large employee turnover rate? Do your employees create excuses to take extra days off? A self-driving, empowered, loyal workforce begins with the employer. 

In this presentation, I will share how an employer can cultivate a motivated, eager-to-excel workforce. I will provide an in-depth analysis of how to provide clear policies and procedures and employee role descriptions. Employee relationship management means more than issuing tasks—it means fostering a workforce that wants to work for you. 

Robson is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. At only 19, Robson owned her first Tim Hortons on Fairlight Drive in Saskatoon, and the savvy businesswoman refused to stop at owning just one store. She recently opened her tenth Tim Hortons store. Robson also owns two Mr. Mikes restaurants, and as of September 2019, Synergy Business Solutions Inc. The mom of three believes in developing businesses that foster a friendly, inspiring atmosphere, which begins with a concerned and supportive owner — something Robson thrives at. 

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