Well, It’s Been a Long Time Coming…

Posted on October 3, 2018 in

Well, It’s Been a Long Time Coming…

Well it’s been a long time coming but we finally have a new bridge in the North end of Saskatoon! Your NSBA played a crucial role in the development of the Chief Mistiwasis Bridge. For years we’ve been advocating for more efficient transportation on behalf of many members with businesses and activities going on in the North end of Saskatoon. We lobbied our elected officials about the need for a north bridge, and our voice… your voice… was heard by all three levels of government, each of which participated in funding this bridge.

Let’s take some time to celebrate this new bridge, as it is a major accomplishment! Having said that, we will continue to focus our advocacy efforts on having the next bridge built. We do not want to keep playing “catch-up” with infrastructure needs. Your NSBA has been and will continue to be active in advocating on your behalf for the Highway 16 connector that falls under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Department of Highways and Infrastructure. While many of us will have a shorter commute now with the Chief Mistawasis bridge, the safety concerns and delays at Idylwyld and Circle Drive are yet to be addressed. Our recent meetings with the Premier have reiterated that need and have been met positively.

Did you get a chance to attend the Popcorn & Entrepreneurship Series event – Driven – The Ken Achs Story? If not, mark your calendar for next year and get your tickets early. The sold-out crowd was truly inspired by Ken’s story and the networking was the best – as usual. You can see the documentary now through the NSBA website – you really should spend 30 minutes one day if you have not already!

Perhaps you were in attendance at the recent Lessons I’ve Learned event. This year’s was yet another example of how this particular event is a must-see and a favourite for many in the business community. Many thanks to Laurie Bradley, Judy Harwood, Neil McMillan and Wade Mitchell for bringing their compelling Lessons to the stage. It was another great job done by past Board Chair Bryan McCrea as moderator as well.

Stay tuned in to the NSBA emails and website for some exciting speakers coming up this fall. As usual, we have a number of great programs in the queue at our Luncheon Series or Club Connect Breakfasts, with a couple of extra special surprises coming up as well. If you’re not regularly attending NSBA events, you’re missing out on not only great programming, but unparalleled networking opportunities amongst the Saskatoon business community.

The summer has been quite productive for the NSBA. Yes, we have again put on one of the best business events in the province, but we have continued to develop further relationships and partnerships with other like-minded organizations. These partnerships allow entrepreneurs and business people in the NSBA to further grow their businesses. We are excited to support WESK (Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan) through a sponsorship of their “Shaken with a Twist” monthly event. It’s these kinds of cooperative activities that bring the business community together so that we can learn from each other and support each other for the growth of all of our business in Saskatoon.

Keep an eye out for the City of Saskatoon budget this fall – now is the time to get your opinions and comments heard. We will continue to push for improved and visible productivity improvements in the City that will have the effect of reducing the constant increases to property taxes. I am looking forward to our luncheon with the Mayor in November to hear how the role of the city is changing and the direction the Mayor sees for the future.

As always, watch for further and continued action on a number of fronts by your NSBA and please don’t hesitate to contact any of the NSBA staff or Board should you have even a small business concern – you may be surprised with how effective the NSBA is in advocating on your behalf. After all, it didn’t work out too badly on the North bridge!

Alan Migneault, NSBA Board Chair

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