2019 Raj Manek Mentorship Awards Winners

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2019 Raj Manek Mentorship Awards Winners

The 2019 Raj Manek Mentorship awards were presented at the 23rd annual Raj Manek Memorial banquet on February 7th, 2019. The NSBA is a proud partner of the Raj Manek program and is happy to see NSBA members being recognized for their dedication to a culture of mentorship.

2019 Above and Beyond Award winner, Dale Lemke.

Above and Beyond Award

In 2007, the Raj Manek Above and Beyond Award was created by the Raj Manek Advisory Board to recognize the efforts of Saskatchewan-based employees and entrepreneurs. All sizes of companies and every industry sector are eligible.

As its’ name suggests, the award recognizes an individual who has performed above and beyond the expectations of their nominator in business development. The recipient has made exceptional efforts in promoting entrepreneurship that develops strong and successful businesses in Saskatchewan.

2019 Winner: Dale Lemke

Dale has been recognized for his work on the boards of just about every business association in Saskatchewan, his mentorship of many people, investment in many start-up companies, and building a couple companies.

2019 Ravi Maithel Find-A-Way Award winner Kendal Netmaker.

Ravi Maithel Find-A-Way Award

The Ravi Maithel Find-A-Way award is named after Ravi Maithel who had served the Raj Manek Foundation and the Raj Manek Mentorship Program since 1997. He worked tirelessly to serve on the Board of Directors until his passing on June 8th, 2016.  Ravi was also the Co-Founder of the Raj Manek Mentorship Program.

This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary ability to provide solutions to any given problem which others may have felt impossible.  An individual who finds ways to attain optimal results.

2019 Winner: Kendal Netmaker

A story of rags-to-riches, Kendal has become a role model for many in the under-privileged community. His is a touching story of the power of both a friend and a mentor in giving someone a ‘hand up’ not a handout. Raised in poverty on a Saskatchewan First Nation he has gone on to create his own company dedicated to helping inspire others who find themselves in the situation he endured as a youth, to seek support in finding their own path to success. Or as he entitled his book – from Poverty to the Podium – that chronicles how a young man from an impoverished background in Saskatchewan has a story so powerful he becomes a keynote presenter in such distant places as Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

2019 Kent Smith-Windsor Leadership Award winner Andrea Hansen (right) and the award’s namesake, Kent Smith-Windsor.

Kent Smith-Windsor Leadership Award

The Kent Smith-Windsor award is named to honour Kent Smith-Windsor who retired from the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce as the Executive Director after 21 years.  The business community of Saskatoon created the award to honour Kent for his hard work and commitment in helping build a strong and prosperous entrepreneurial community.

The award is presented to a high potential individual expected to achieve senior leadership position in their community in the future.  Someone who has acquired considerable knowledge and experience as a leader in their business or in the community and has an appreciation of the economic and social conditions impacting their community.  They should have the capacity for leadership, be able to contribute to the business community by inspiring those around them, and have strong interpersonal skills.

2019 Winner: Andrea Hansen

Andrea is an inspirational leader in the Saskatchewan business community. She gives her time and energy to countless charity events as well as to the mentorship of business professionals. She is a founding member and driving force behind Seeds for Dreams, an organization that provides seed funding to women entrepreneurs. Other highlights include establishing a Pay It Forward Fund to deliver random acts of kindness, the BPW Leadership Luncheon, and financial education for immigrants. Andrea personifies the spirit of the Kent Smith-Windsor Leadership Award.

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