On July 1, 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation came into effect. This legislation regulates the use of email, text messages and other forms of electronic messages. It also impacts the installation of applications (Apps) and other computer programs for marketing purposes. The federal government passed the law in an effort to reduce spam, malware and related internet threats.

The NSBA communicates with its members through CEMs (commercial electronic messages) on a regular basis through mass email communication. This communication is sourced one of two ways; through a third party provider (currently Constant Contact), or through a self-generated email from an NSBA staff members email account.

There are four tyes of email messages that the NSBA sends to its membership via Constant Contact; E-Flyers, NSBA News, Upcoming Events and Club Connect. Each of these four types of message is easily identifiable by the respective message headers that declare the type of content the message contains.

In order for the NSBA to continue to use electronic means (primarily email; mass emails through a third-party service provider and group emails from NSBA staff to members), we must have consent to do so. Consent can be given in one of two ways: Implied Consent and Express Consent.

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Please help us by filling out the Express Consent form for the NSBA so we can record whether or not you would like to receive any correspondance from the NSBA via email.

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For more information, please contact the office at 306-242-3060.

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