Lessons I've Learned

Currently celebrating its 11th Anniversary, Lessons I’ve Learned has quickly become a darling of NSBA programming for the NSBA membership and business community overall. Held in early October, Lessons I’ve Learned is a unique networking/entertainment/educational event with an overall informal, enjoyable atmosphere. The event features four business and community leaders who typically are modest and tend to shy away from the limelight. It is the responsibility of the Lessons I’ve Learned committee to source and convince these leaders to agree to sit on the four-person panel. In conjunction with the NSBA office, the Lessons I’ve Learned Committee is also responsible for the overall organization of the event, which includes securing sponsorship and the promotion of attendance. The Lessons I’ve Learned Committee meets at the call of the Chair, in the NSBA board room. For more information, contact the NSBA office, (306) 242-3060.

Lessons I’ve Learned Committee chair: Irene Seiferling, Board Dynamics