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What is the NSBA?

  • We are a business association, some 700 businesses strong.
  • We have one contact person from each business member, but all staff employed in the company are members of the NSBA.
  • We are a business association that, in terms of our mandate, “serves, promotes and protects” business.

Can anyone belong to the NSBA regardless of their location?

  • Yes – we work for business primarily in Saskatoon but not just in the north end.
  • Approximately to 40% to 45% of our members are in other parts of the city or, in some cases, in bedroom communities of Saskatoon or in rural areas.

What kind of work do we do?

  • We lobby various levels of government – municipal, provincial and sometimes federal.
  •  We lobby on issues of concern to business such as taxes (property, business tax, income tax etc), stringent labour laws etc.
  • We are, we believe, unique in attempting to address specific issues a company may have related to their business such as “a hole in the road that has been there for some time,” property taxes that seem unduly high, an unfair labour decision and so on. However – we do this work for members and non members.
  • We provide a venue for networking for NSBA members (Club Connect) that meets twice monthly.
  • We have luncheons with guest speakers of interest to our membership.
  • We have seminars that are of interest to members that are topical such as succession planning, retention of staff, workforce development, human resources, etc. These are inexpensive and are scheduled in the early morning so as not to interfere with an employer’s day.
  • We have an annual Awards Banquet at which we honour our own members who apply.
  • We have an annual golf tournament.
  • We try to have functions that are of interest to our members such as “Lessons I Have Learned.” We have a panel of high-profile individuals who will share the lessons they have learned – both positive and negative – that have paved the road to success for them. This event is an annual event, which is held in October. Speakers such as Jim Yuel, Les Dube, Russ Marcoux, Ken Achs, Gavin Semple, George Reddekopp and Florian Possberg, all successful business people, are some of the participants in our Lesson’s I’ve Learned Event.
  • The NSBA is inexpensive. Cost is $225 per annum plus GST. Membership is renewable on an anniversary basis. ($150 plus GST for Non-Profit)
  • We are here to help and assist you in any way possible.
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