The NSBA is known for the quality of its events – both signature events and regular programming. NSBA events represent a great opportunity to advertise your business as an event sponsor. Each sponsorship level offers extraordinary benefits above and beyond association with a quality product and experience. Please click on an event below to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities available for that event.

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In addition to the NSBA’s Signature Events, the NSBA Network Series consists of approximately 12 events per year shared between Breakfasts and Luncheons. These provide opportunities for businesses and industry experts to share their knowledge and connect with the NSBA Membership on current topics. The Network Series includes our signature Mining Week Breakfast, NSBA Cookout, and the Make-A-Wish Fundraiser.


The NSBA’s premier event, the Business Builder Awards Banquet is the NSBA’s annual awards banquet, typically held in mid- to late March. Known for its unique, timely and fun-filled atmosphere, the banquet is a breath of fresh air in the Awards circuit, with a young, energetic vibe featuring a program that actually runs ahead of schedule. Attendance is typically in the 550-600 range.

Held on the last Wednesday in May, the NSBA Golf Classic is one of the premier golf tournaments in the Saskatoon marketplace. Golf Classic organizers pay a great attention to detail to ensure the event remains fun, timely (5-hour round), and well managed, with an emphasis on team chemistry. High demand caused the NSBA to expand to a 27-hole field, creating openings for an additional 52 golfers. Despite this, the tournament is an early sell out each year. Attendance is 200 golfers.

This casual event is held at lunch time during the annual Pancake Breakfast Week at Great Western Brewing Company’s outdoor patio. In addition to a brief, minimal program, members enjoy networking in this casual atmosphere, where Great Western Co. products are provided complimentary with your event registration. Attendance is typically in the 150- to 175-range.

The NSBA Popcorn and Entrepreneurship Series, presented by EY features a compelling film premiere that will surely catch the attention and imagination of attendees. Unlike ‘Lessons’ where a panel discussion is focused on the respective entrepreneurs’ personal stories, Popcorn & Entrepreneurship Series, presented by EY tells the story in a documentary-style film. This short film is executive produced and overseen by the NSBA, and shot by a professional video production company. For many, this event is the highlight of the NSBA annual events offered. Like ‘Lessons,’ it will feature networking, great food, beverages, popcorn, followed by hors d’oeuvres and a lively after-party. Anticipated attendance: 400+



A darling of the NSBA’s programming, Lessons I’ve Learned, is a favourite for many of our members, who mark it in their calendars as a “Can’t Miss” event. The event’s popularity stems from an extremely appealing panel of four entrepreneurs, who speak from the heart about their successes and failures in business. Attendance is typically in the 500-range.

The NSBA’s Mining Week Breakfast is typically the best attended Saskatchewan Mining Association sanctioned event during Mining Week. The presentation is specific to the mining industry, and is arranged by the SMA to coincide with their other events in other markets. Attendance is typically 150, consisting of many senior mining executives.

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