With a common goal of growing Saskatoon’s economy and creating wealth for the region, everyone’s voice matters to the NSBA. We remain true to our core principles of common sense, integrity, efficiency and safety. We will lobby any level of government on any issue that our members identify as one worth pursuing.

Founded by entrepreneurs and driven largely by an entrepreneurial spirit, the NSBA is known for rolling up its sleeves and getting things done. The NSBA is focused on its members’ interests as it works with governments, regardless of their political stripe, and other organizations. Our reputation means that our involvement and leadership is regularly sought on issues that affect the business community, particularly when it comes to the owner-managed business community.

The NSBA works with its Policy Committees (made up of volunteers from the NSBA membership) to develop policies that are in the best interests of the membership – and, by extension, the business community – and actively seeks the opinions and guidance of members while lobbying on specific issues.

The current top five initiatives for the organization, developed in conjunction with our membership, include:

Government Procurement

Increased focus on the development of Priority Saskatchewan, ensuring government is upholding the principles of free trade and Saskatchewan businesses are being treated fairly in government procurement.

Energy & Resources

Support for the Saskatchewan Government’s opposition to a federally-mandated carbon tax that would have negative implications on the economy of Saskatchewan. We support policy, legislation, and industrial activity regarding energy & resources that have a positive economic impact on the province.

WCB Funding Policy

Supporting modernization of the WCB’s Funding Policy resulting in consistent and transparent processes for collecting and refunding premiums from employers. We support changes to the organization’s governance and appeals processes as necessary to support this initiative.

Infrastructure (Yellowhead Northern Gateway)

The development of the perimeter highway and north river crossing around Saskatoon.

Fiscal Responsibility

Civic and provincial budget reviews to ensure that government spending is in the best interests of businesses and taxpayers, including monitoring for accountability purposes. Key to this initiative is our annual pre-budget civic taxation review.

For a comprehensive list of the NSBA’s policy positions, please refer to the NSBA Policy Paper.


For a list of letters sent by the NSBA, please view our Correspondence page.

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